30V 5A Variable Adjustable Digital Regulated DC Power Supply for Lab


This is a regulated DC power supply which you can adjust current and voltage continuously.
Dual 3 1/2 LED display of voltage and current, high precision.
PWM switch for voltage stabilization, MOS linear secondary voltage stabilization.
Energy-saving and efficiency: over 80% power, 40% higher than other liner power supplies.
Intelligent temperature control: adjustable fan revolving speed based on load power, noise reduced and life prolonged.
Safe and reliable: overload protection, overheating protection, overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, etc.
Input voltage is switchable(AC110V/AC220V) through the switch on the back of the instrument.
Come with a banana jack to alligator clip power output wire.
Can be used in the electronic circuit such as the operational amplifier, digital logic circuit and so on.
Suitable for electron fans, research people and the professional people.

Rated Input:
Voltage:200-240VAC/100-120VAC; 115/230VAC Switchable

Resolution:voltage: 0.1V, Current:0.01A
Accuracy:±1% ±1bit

Output Voltage:DC 0-30V adjustable
Output Current:DC 0-5A adjustable
Voltage:≤0.03% +10mV
Current Stability:≤0.1% +1mA
Load Regulation:CV≤0.2% +1mV CC≤0.2% +10mA
Ripple and Noise:CV≤2mV(RMS)CC≤2mA(RMS)
Ripple and Noise:CV≤10mV(Vpek-pek)CC≤10mA(Vpek-pek)

Package List:
1 * DC Power Supply
1 * Power Line
1 * Output line
1 * User Manual(English)