Three Phase Solid State Relay SSR 100A 3-32VDC Input / 480VAC Output


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Widely used in computer peripheral devices, electric are furnace heating equipment, CNC machine, remote control systems, industrial automated installation, Traffic lights, signal lights, lighting stage lighting control systems, instrument, meters, medical instruments, office equipment, rubber&plastic machinery, automatic fire and other field.

Three Phase 3Phase DC AC Solid State Relay SSR-100A 100A


Input voltage:3-32V DC
Input current ≤ 70mA
Output voltage: 480VAC
Output current: 10-100A
Insulated voltage ≥ 2500V AC
Size: 105X74X33 MM

  • Solid-state relay English abbreviated SSR, it is a non-contract switch device developed by modern micro electronic technology and power electronics.
  • It has longer life, non-contact, non-spark, noiselessness, nonelectromagnetic interference, fast switching speed, high anti-jamming capability, reliable in work and small in size, vibration resistance, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion.
  • Compatible with TTL, DTL, HTL etc..integrated circuits. Drive a large load current directly by fractional control signal.
  • SSR has incomparable advantages over traditional electromagnetic relays.