YaeCCC HJ-1 Magnetic Stirrer with 8X25mm Stirring Bars, 1000ml Volume, 2400rpm, 1 Year Warranty

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About This Item
YaeCCC magnetic stirrrer, widely used in the research and production of colleges and universities, environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, medical industry, is a necessary tool for scientific reserch and laboratory personnel, the instrument is using the electric motor drives the magnetic steel, through the magnetic field lines with touching device with magnetic steel PTFE stirrer stirring to complete the task.

Method of Application:
- Plug in the power supply.
- Pour the liquid to be tested into a beaker and then place the beaker on the working plate.
- Turn on the power switch and adjust the speed from slow to fast according to your specific application.

Use Suggestion:
Use in Biodiesel Magnetic stirrers are great for stirring during a titration.
While the stirrer does the mixing, a user can determine a more accurate titration by mixing the chemicals in a more even and controlled manner.
The consistent rate of stirring can easily be achieved with the stirrer for concentration on the titration process itself and addition of catalyst solutions.
Magnetic stirrers may also be used for biodiesel test batches.
The larger stir bars can easily create a good amount of agitation for the biodiesel process. Stir Bar Sizing The size of the stir bar to be used depends on the individual application.

Package Includes:
1x magnetic stirrer
1x stir bar(8x25mm)
1x spare fuse

Keep in mind that a larger stir bar is not necessarily better. Larger stir bars have lower maximum spinning speeds. When the speed of a stir bar is too much for its size, it will jump around and skip inside of the beaker. Slippery and viscous liquids such as oils will also cause this to happen faster than non-slippery fluids like water.